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AKAP-KL - Collectively agreed defined contribution retirement pension - applies from January 1 2014 for municipal and county council employees born 1986 or later. Employees in regional and local federations are also covered by AKAP-KL, as well as employees in municipal companies belonging to the Pacta employers' association.

AKAP-KL benefits

AKAP-KL includes benefits that apply to all employees

• defined contribution benefit

• family protection*/pension for surviving adult and children

• special collective agreement occupational pension for emergency services employees

Pensionable salary and income

AKAP-KL defines pensionable salary as

• cash payment of salary

• loss of salary because of absence due to sick leave, maternity leave, parental leave, industrial injury or because of leave of absence due to union work with no right to other benefits.

Defined contribution retirement pension

The employer allocates a certain percentage of your salary every year to defined contribution retirement pension. The benefit is earned with no minimum age requirements. The pension contribution is

• 4.5 percent of the pensionable salary up to 7.5 income base amount

• 30 percent of salary in the range 7.5-30 income base amounts until you reach the age defined in section 32 a of the Employment Protection Act, LAS (currently 67 years), after which the pension contribution is 4.5 percent of the pensionable salary

The employer pays the pension contribution annually March 31 on the year after earnings were made. When the annual payment is made, the employer shall adjust the pension contribution for interest in accordance with the change to the base amount.

Defined contribution retirement pension can be paid out from the age of 55. You choose if you would like lifelong payment or payment during a certain period, minimum five years.

If the pension contribution is lower than 1.5 percent of the income base amount that year, your employer will instead pay you the corresponding amount as salary.

Your choices

Before December 31 each year, you need to choose:

 • the insurance company to manage your funds

• whether your funds should be invested in a traditional pension insurance or a unit-linked insurance.

• if you want the insurance to have a repayment cover or not administrates your choice and transfers funds to your chosen insurance company. You enter your choice on the appropriate form or directly on the Valcentralen website. 

It is important to make a choice since it will affect the size of your future pension. Carefully compare the returns and fees of the various companies. You can change your choice of future premium payments at any time. If you make no choice, the money is invested in a traditional pension insurance with repayment cover with KPA Pensionsförsäkring AB.

Traditional life management

Saving with traditional life management is simple and safe. It is appropriate for people who prefer a guaranteed insurance amount as the foundation for their savings. It is invested in long-term interest-bearing securities, shares and property. The investments are managed by managers who are specialists in their respective fields. There is no need for you to choose between different investments yourself. The composition changes depending on where in the economic cycle we are. This means that there is a possibility of making more than the guaranteed amount.

Fund management

Fund management is a type of saving for people who want to give their money every opportunity to grow. Money invested in funds can increase or decrease in value but historically, over time, shares have always yielded a better return than interest-bearing securities and each additional percentage of growth will have a major impact on your pension.

You can easily switch funds whenever you like at no charge. You can also receive help to put together a portfolio that is customised to your specific saving period and risk tolerance. This makes it easier to make the right choice.

Repayment cover

Irrespective of your chosen type of management, you can supplement it with a repayment cover. Repayment cover means that your savings are primarily paid to your spouse or partner, and secondarily to your children in case of death. The repayment cover gives you a somewhat lower pension, but provides greater security for your family.

Pension for surviving family members

Your family may be entitled to survivors' pension if you pass away during your employment.

Special collective agreement occupational pension for emergency services employees

If you were part of the emergency services for at least 30 years and worked in the emergency deployment force for at least 25 of those years, you are eligible for the special collective agreement occupational pension. At the earliest, it is paid out from the month after you turn 58 up until the age of 65.

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