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Almost time to retire?

Are you thinking about retiring? You pension comprises several parts and will be paid out from different sources. It may be a good idea to plan it well in advance. Your pension comprises a national pension, an occupational pension and any private pension.

National pension

The Swedish Pensions Agency pay out your national pension, which comprises income pension, premium pension and supplementary pension. Apply for pension three months before you would like your first payment. If you worked abroad, it might be a good idea to apply six months in advance. The earliest you may take out your pension is from the age of 61, and you decide whether you want the full pension or a part of it. Choose between the full monthly amount, three quarters, half or a quarter of the monthly amount.

You can easily apply on their website,, using your online ID. Or you can call the Pensions Agency customer service on 0771-776 776.

Occupational pension

If you worked for several different employers, you can receive payments of your occupational pension from several sources. You choose when you want to retire but if you continue working, your pension will be higher. Part of your occupational pension is called the defined contribution pension, for which you have chosen the investment type. You choose your preferred payment period, either lifelong payments or payments during a limited period, with a minimum of five years. The defined contribution pension can be taken out from the age of 55. Contact the company you chose and they will assist you with of your defined contribution pension.

If you are uncertain as to which company you have chosen or if you feel uncertain about how to take out your pension, Valcentralen can help you, visit Or you can call the Valcentralen customer service on 0771-44 44 00.

Defined benefit pension is a pension paid out to people with high salaries, and there is no possibility of influencing it. It is based on the amount earned and the time worked. You cannot choose a payment period for your defined benefit pension, it is always paid out in lifelong payments.

Accrued pension up until December 31, 1997

If you were employed by a municipal employer in December 31, 1997 and over the age of 28, you are eligible for accrued pension rights. You can choose how to take out your accrued pension rights. The full, or in some instances, partial pension can be taken out as a temporary pension up until the age of 65. Contact your employer or the Skandia customer department on 0771-15 50 55 if you have any questions about your accrued pension rights or defined benefit pension.

You must apply for your occupational pension yourself. Contact your employer or the Skandia customer department on and they will refer you to the relevant body. Your employer determines your pension, but Skandia calculates it and pays it out.

Payment time

Your occupational pension is paid out every month on the 18th. If the 18th falls on a holiday, the pension is paid out on the weekday before.

You will be informed before your first payment, and thereafter you receive a new payment receipt at the beginning of each year or if the size of your pension changes.

Skandia cooperates with Swedbank. Before your first payment, you will receive a account application form from us. If you do not already have an account with Swedbank, please inform them about the account into which you would like your pension to be paid. You can inform Swedbank through their website or by contacting a local branch. If Swedbank receives no information about bank or account number, your payment will be made through a payment slip.

Skandia will deduct 30 percent in taxes from you occupational pension. If we are the main employer, or if you want us to use another tax bracket, please contact the Skandia customer department on: 0771-15 50 55.

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